Another week in the books!

With another week down, our team is starting to look really good and we are putting things together. We are 10 and 5 and on a 2 game winning streak. I have pitched two more innings since then and had a ruff outing with 7 ground ball singles and had a little bit of a struggle from my defense behind me. But the next outting after that i got back right on track and pitched very well. Tomorrow I head to the Rising Stars game in Surprise to pitch at least one inning. The game should be alot of fun and a pretty big crowd as well!

Thanks for all the comments and keep them coming! Ask any question and I will more than likely answer it in the next blog. On the question of Jason Vargas he is doing well and feeling even better his stuff is right back to where it was and pitching veery well! On the Mike Nickeas question he is good and played well in AA this year and is back at home relaxing!

Life in Peoria is not bad at all there is westgate and alot things right around the field to do! I just got a new roommate, Ross Detwiler from the Washington Nationals, I have played with him before in the summer of 06 in the cape cod. Besides that nothing else new really new happening and there will be more next week!!
























  1. nymetsgrrl94

    Thanks for answering my question! I was excited when I found out you would be in the Arizona All Star Game with Daniel Murphy and Josh Thole. This has helped get me through the beginning of the offseason.
    Good luck!

  2. jewelgirl04

    It’s good to hear that you got right back on the horse… erm, mound… and went right back to business. The ability to bounce back is definitely a trait that a major league-caliber pitcher should possess.

    I know that you haven’t been in the AFL for a long period of time, but is there any specific advice you’ve received while on Peoria that has substantially helped you game?

    Good luck in the Rising Stars game! And take good care of yourself!!!


  3. loducaftw

    your site sucks kid stop asking him for an interview. If he didn’t reply the first two times he obviously doesn’t want to do it.

  4. zark

    Hey Eddie, Thanks for the updates! Its great to get some insight into what goes on with a young, professional ballplayer such as yourself.

    One of the questions I always love hearing young players (especially pitchers) answer is the following: How do you prepare yourself to face opponents and rate your own performances? Are you a stats oriented guy? There were a whole bunch of interviews with Brian Bannister floating around this year where he discussed how involved he becomes in analyzing statistics in his preparation and self analysis. Do analyze the game in a similar way, or do you prefer to just go out there, see what feels good for you game to game and try to keep hitters off balance? How about video? Do you prefer to watch video on hitters before you face them? Or do you prefer to go by how you feel on the mound and what kinds of swings you see them take AB to AB while you face them? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

    Keep up the good work this winter, and good luck securing a spot on the big club ASAP. Keep pounding the zone and I’m sure it won’t be long with your stuff. Hopefully, after a long career you’ll be able to look back and count the times on one hand that you gave up seven singles in an inning ;).

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