“Guest Blogger” Daniel Murphy

Hey baseball fans my name is Daniel Murphy I am currently in the NY Mets organization and


playing with Peoria in the Arizona Fall League.

I was very excited to begin my 2008 season in Binghamton and to be fortunate enough to finish the year in NY with the big league team.  My experience this year was amazing the entire staff and players welcomed me and made me very comfortable in the midst of a pennant race.  I look forward to hopefully spending the 2009 season in the brand new CitiField in Flushing and trying to help the mets win a championship.

As of right now I am currently not in the lineup due a forearm injury that took place in the annual Rising Stars game.  Hopefully I should be ready for action by the end of this week but as of now I am daily consulting with our trainer Joe Golia who has taken care of me since the injury.  But I am looking forward to being back in the lineup and further hone my skills at second base and in the batters box.

My experience in Fall League has been very enjoyable to this point and our team has great chemistry with a great deal of talent. Im eager to see how this season finishes with the makeup of our team and im looking forward to playing for a championship in Arizona.  I have been playing second base since arriving in Arizona thanks to the help of our very talented staff including “Pop” Warner, Jack Voight, Rick Eckstein, and Wally Whitehurst I find myself more comfortable and second base daily.  Everyday I am getting top of the line coaching and I feel that I am getting more consistent at second base and hope to one day be able to help the mets at that position if they so choose.

Well thats enough about me.  I am joined in the Fall League by some of the most talented players in the mets orgainzation which includes Tobi Stoner, Josh Thole, Bobby Parnell, Jason Vargas, Shawn Bowman and Eddie Kunz.  Each one of the theses guys impresses me on a daily basis Jason has been dominate since his first outing.  Bobby shows the plus fastball/slider combination that allowed him to help us down the stretch in the middle of a pennant race this year.  Josh has been swinging the bat very well and has shown an ability to handle a pitching staff that is a little more experienced than he is, and I have heard on more than one occasion that the pitchers really enjoy throwing to him. Bowman now that he is healthy has been one of the most impressive players in the fall league on both offense and defense.  And last but not least Eddie has thrown the ball very well showcasing the power sinker that should allow him to help the big league team in the very near future.

Finally I would like to send out my thoughts and prayers to Leonard Davis and Shawn Bowman.  Both teammates of mine and great people that need to be remebered in their time of need.  Leonard unfortunately had a death in his extended family I believe and I would like him to know that he is in our thoughts.  Also Shawn just left a few days ago to be with his father who unfortunately is very sick.

I would like to thank everyone for reading this and hope that I was able to enlighten all you baseball fans to the ins and outs of the Arizona Fall League.  I dont know if there is a question and answer to this thing but if there is I look forward to all of your questions.



  1. metsgirl869

    Hey Daniel! I can tell you right now that all Mets fans are incredibly excited for your return to the Big Leagues next season for the Mets, whether in LF, RF, 2B, etc. You had amazing patience this year, you seemed focused and determined, you hit well, you played any position willingly, and you really helped with the Mets’ chance of making the playoffs. It was good to see a young guy out there almost looking like he’d been in the Majors for years.

    Glad to know your injury isn’t too serious. Have fun during the rest of your time in the Arizona Fall League, and keep up the good work!

  2. metsgirl869

    Hey Daniel! I can tell you right now that all Mets fans are incredibly excited for your return to the Big Leagues next season, whether in LF, RF, 2B, etc. You had amazing patience this year, you seemed focused and determined, you hit well, you played any position willingly, and you really helped with the Mets’ chance of making the playoffs. It was good to see a young guy out there almost looking like he’d been in the Majors for years.

    Glad to know your arm injury isn’t anything serious. Have fun during the rest of your time in the Arizona Fall League, and keep up the good work!

  3. jewelgirl04

    Welcome to the blog, Daniel! I, for one, am certainly excited to see what you can do once the 2009 season rolls around. I will be heading to Florida for a week during my spring break from college, so I intend to spend the whole week at Spring Training and look forward to seeing you and the rest of the guys in the AFL there.

    I heard about your injury and was initially concerned, but I’m glad that you’re doing well and that it’s not as serious as it could have been.

    It is such a shame to hear about the circumstances under which Leonard and Shawn took a leave of absence from the team. My thoughts and prayers are with them during this difficult time.

    I am glad to hear that you’re beginning to adjust to second base and that you’re enjoying your time in the AFL. I bet you’re looking forward to Winter Ball soon! Then again, I’m sure you’re anticipating the 2009 season even more.

    Over the course of the last few seasons, more and more players have earned nicknames in the clubhouse. Do you have any nicknames in the club house (if so, what did they stem from) and what is your opinion of the nickname, ‘D-Rex,’ that the NY media/fans have given you?

    Hope you return soon to the AFL! Get well soon!

  4. brooklynmetfan@yahoo.com

    Rock on D-Murph!

    Great to read your blog on the AFL. Wish they’d broadcast some of the games cuz the action starved Met fans would def watch our future stars in AZ.

    We at BrooklynMetFan.com are pulling to see you man second next year in Flushing but we fully expect your bat in the lineup wherever they slot you defensively.

    Stay patient at the plate kid – you’ve got a bright future!

  5. cabanaobr@gmail.com

    Where would it be effective to spam the Mets organization or put up posters everywhere agitating for Murphy to play 2nd base?

  6. brooklynmetfan@yahoo.com

    Uh – something’s wrong with the credits in this comments section

    COMMENT # 4 is from yours truly BrooklynMetFan – NOT comment #5 — just for the record I was not suggesting spamming the Mets!

    but I do like the Danny Murphy posters idea!

    – BMF

  7. brooklynmetfan@yahoo.com

    oops – I think something is wrong with ME!!!

    I just realized I misread the credits on the comments which are posted below the line and AFTER the comment – DOH!!!

    scratch my last post

    GO D-MURPH!!!

  8. nymetsgrrl94

    Hey Daniel,
    You are one my favorite players and I love the way you play the game. I play baseball and you are definitely somebody I look up to. I can’t wait to see you play at Citi Field next year.
    I hope your arm feels better soon!
    Good Luck!

  9. jerry

    Daniel, You were great this year with patients at the plate,you played the game just like David Wright has since his rookie year and your concern for fellow members voiced in your blog shows conpassion for such a young guy. Your family must have brought you up right and some day youll be a star like David.

  10. jerry

    Daniel, You were great this year with patients at the plate. You were like David Wright since his rookie year and give all to baseball. You Concern for fellow members shows that you care for them and were brought upright like David.

  11. rsty73

    I was very impressed with your play this summer at Shea. Especially that sweet stroke. It reminded me a bit of Don Mattingly. I was wondering if you modeled your swing and stance after anyone? Also who is your baseball role model?
    Good luck this fall! Can’t wait to get see you on the field next season…

  12. kendog18

    Great job coming up from the minors to help the Mets. You did a great job. Hope to see you at 2nd base next year for us. Cant wait to see you help the amazin’s make the playoffs. Have fun in the rest of the AFL.

  13. vitalela@aol.com

    Hi Daniel,
    Congrats on making it to the big leagues this year. You were terrific – an intense and exciting player. Looking forward to watching your development – no doubt in my mind you are here to stay. You gave the fans alot to cheer for – thank you!

  14. tweety1166@verizon.net

    Hi Daniel,

    Sorry to hear about your arm injury, hope it gets better fast , glad to hear you are enjoying and valuing your AFL experience. As far as your teammates with heavy hearts, all the best to them, we are all thinking of them with utmost compassion as you have shown. Looking forward to seeing you in St Lucie this spring and in Citifield next summer and fall. Thank you for being a breath of fresh air in New York.

  15. dimntrg

    Hey Daniel,

    It’s a real good thing that you are on board with the METS. I have to be honest, I wasn’t really a big fan of yours until recently. (I have a whole process on evaluating rookies!) But after assessing your performance the past season and your previous stats in the minors PLUS basing your outlook for the game through your interviews – I must say – it’s quite impressive and I am really rooting for you to have a great major league career.

    Having said that, what do you feel is something specific you can offer to the METS this coming season as well as where do you see yourself in the Major league in the future?


  16. bootsox93@yahoo.com

    hey daniel, i really enjoyed watching you play this year.your future is bright with the mets and you along with the other good players should win a title.just think of the money you could make to.hopefully wilpon will get rid of bums deadweight castillo mr 28 million!!!! jesus kid if hes worth that much the skies thelimit for you. see you in port st lucie and keep knocking the hell outta da bawl. peace

  17. sirklearhead

    Daniel…Thankyou , for making me appear to be a genius, lol. After watching you last March I was impressed enough to suggest on the SNY board the Mets had a “good” one. How is second base working out ? It’s an interesting concept have you played there before ? One question I can think of is, Have you switch hit I know many of many player who were RH and hit LH but all but a few were RHH who converted. Thanks …MrMet SNY board.

  18. qbeanz@gmail.com

    Hey Daniel: In your next post, could you tell us a little behind-the-scenes info about the Mets clubhouse? What’s it like in the dugout? Any funny stories from the locker room? Did you have to do the equivalent of carrying a Sleeping Beauty backpack at any time? Thanks.

  19. metsmerized@verizon.net

    Hi Daniel. We enjoyed watching you play in 2008. Your positive attitude was terrific and a real bright spot. I would like to see you at 2nd base, permanently, it would cement the infield and a terrific one at that. It would also give us the opportunity to add another bat in LF. We leave too many on base in games that could have been won with another hit or two. Hope you will be with the Mets for a very long time it is great to see some of our own come up and stick. We will make the WS, soon, “keep the faith and believe”!!

  20. metsfan534

    Thanks Daniel for updating us Mets fans with these blogs. Good luck in the AFL and next year in the Mets organization. It was a pleasure to watch you play with the Mets this season. Thanks so much for your effort and time here and on the field.

  21. wta1011

    Hey Dan!
    You are amazing! I wish to see you next year at Citi Field in the starting lineup at 2nd base. You deserve it! You did great! And I think I use too many !’s!!!!!!
    -Will, Your Biggest Fan(who Ist related to you)

  22. m3tsfan

    Thanx for the blog and for just being born Mr. Murphy,
    I guess I should thank your mom also 8P . With all your traveling do your parents come to your games when they can to support ya?
    By now I’m sure you’ve heard that a ton of people appreciate your almost stubborn patience. 8)
    I heard a story about your mom missing the beginning of one of your at-bats and someone yelled for her to hurry and watch you, she said, “don’t worry it’s not a 3-2 count yet.” lmao. Dunno if that was a true story but if it was it must have been hilarious. Can you comment on whether it was true or not on your next blog please?
    Hope to see you playing 2nd at the new Citibank Field especially against those W.S. champs Phillies. I can’t wait to see you get boo’d at Citizens Bank because your hitting over .400 there.
    I hope your an example to the rest of the Mets next year and they learn something from your unselfish, QUALITY at-bats.
    Just please tell me your going to work on your bunting 8P .
    Lincoln freed the slaves! Go NY Mets!!!

  23. seatrooper@gmail.com

    From a JU alum and a Mets fan: Thanks for the post and for playing the game the right way. You provided an awesome spark to the MLB Mets in ’08, and all of us fans can’t wait to see you in the lineup every day! All the best!

  24. screamingangel

    Hey, Irish Hammer! Can’t wait to see you rib a HR from Rollins in LF at Citi next year! Say hi to Eddie and Leonard for me. Leonard might be in AAA Syracuse next year!

  25. screamingangel

    BTW, I think you sould take up switch hitting. It might not work out, but you are still young and you are one of the RT/LH people. Who knows, you might be able to kill pitchers from BOTH sides of the plate!

  26. nymetsgirl@msn.com

    hey danny i am a huge mets fan and ever since you came up you impressed me and i know you impressed the organization as well! I cant wait to see what you can do in a full year with the mets at citi field. It is so exciting having a rookie come up who has such patience and is a hitting machine! I was wondering what position you feel most comfortable playing? Good luck and go Mets!

  27. stevesid@nyc.rr.com

    Don’t know if you’ll still be checking these comments now, but I’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate you an a wonderful major league debut. I’ve followed your career in the minors via MILB.com since you were drafted by the Mets from JU, and was really excited to hear about your call-up in August (I was overseas in Europe, but tracked the Mets via MLB.com on the internet).

    I wish you the best of luck in the AFL, and from what I’ve read and seen in the box scores the last few days, you seem to have made a full recovery from your injury.

    I know that with players like you, David Wright, Jose Reyes, Nick Evans, Mike Pelfrey and, hopefully in the near future, Fernando Martinez, the Mets have a bright future.

    Once again, good luck this year and best wishes for a long, healthy and productive Major League career…


  28. newyorkmets1408@yahoo.com

    Hey Daniel, my name is Tyler and I am a huge Mets fan. I always keep my dad and brother updated on the Mets minor league system and what most intrigued me was the Mets Double-A team because it had players like you, your friend Nick Evans, first basemen Mike Carp, and outfielder Fernando Martinez. I go to a lot Met games and I always see you throwing with Nick Evans before the game. I called you guys the “Boys from Binghamton.” Before a game one day, you walked over to where I was standing and gave the ball to a little who appeared to be at his first game. I thought that was very cool of you. Anyway I will at Citi Field this year watching you from the sidelines cheering you on. Keep up the good work man.

  29. cmd@wilsonoil.com

    Hi Dan,

    I just wanted to thank you for signing my son’s ball at the National’s stadium last September 18, 2008. It was his birthday and going to Washington for the Met game was his present – and your signing of his ball was the best present he could have ever received.

    I hope you have a hall of fame career filled with great achievements, however if that doesn’t happen you can take always take solace in the fact that the little things in life are what’s important and by you just making a minor effort to sign a ball will leave a life long impression of who you truly are as a person.

    Your parents should be very proud of you, not for your achievements on the diamond but for the person who you have become.


  30. mrcraig

    Hey, Daniel.

    You showed grit and determination in your first season in the majors with my favorite team, the Mets. You played like a seasoned veteran, patient hitting, going with the pitches to all fields, clutch hitting off the bench, learning a new position, left field when the Amazins’ called you up from Binghamton and handling the “Big Apple” with ease.

    It looks like Minaya has a “real team player” who will complement the lineup with Reyes, Wright, Beltran and Church for years to come. I look forward to seeing you produce many key hits especially against the Mets nemesis, the Highly Overrated and Pompous Phillies. The only suggestion that I would offer to the Mets team as a whole is to be more loose and relaxed in September and to keep positive thoughts when going through the season’s homestretch.

    I have some questions for you: You look very simlar to Pete Rose when you’re hitting. Is he one of your idols? Which player did you idolize before coming to the majors? Which position would you like to play on a regular basis and how do you feel about platooning in left field with Fernando Tatis in 2009?

    Best of luck and success to you and the Mets in 2009 to bring the Amazins’ fans a World Series Championship!


  31. jerry

    Daniel, where are you now.You have not played since Monday Nov 10th. Are you Ok and not hurt. Lets the fans know please.

  32. kendog18

    Wow, I just checked your stats in the AFL. You’re going to be one hell of a ballplayer for the Mets. When do you find out whether you are going to play 2nd or leftfield? Hope your arm feels better.

  33. redhot326@aol.com

    HI, fisrt of all if Daniel Murphy reads this i just wanted to tell you that you are an excellent player. I am also very glad that you finally came here to play in Queens. You have been superb at first base!! I have some questions that I would like to ask you so if you do end up reading this please email me so I can ask them. Thanks!


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