The End is coming Soon!

Hey everyone back again. Sorry about last week but I was having some problems that i needed to take care of and forgot about the blog. But besides that we are still rolling along in the AFL. We are still wininng alot of games and battling for first place in our division. I have been pitching very well and making all my pitches work for me. Now I know the numbers are not shoiwing it but this is a league to work on things and get better so era and those things don’t matter that much at all. I am getting stronger and a better feel for my piitches as well which is nice. The rest of the mets on the team have been doing really good also. Murphy is still hitting the ball very well and getting alot better at 2nd base with his defense. Josh Thole is hitting alot better and still is doing a great job at catching. Bobby Parnell is still throwing the ball hard and getting people out, while working on things and getting better as a pitcher. Jason Vargas is also doing very well throwing all his pitches and keeping hitters off set and changing speeds, he gets stronger with every outting and looks great.

Besides all of that things have been trucking along and the Arizona life has been alot of fun. I have been hiking around camelback mountain and working out at the gym as well and around this time Arizona is beautiful and the hiking has been alot of fun. Halloween here was a blasts it was a little weird cause I am from Portland, OR and it is never warm during halloween so it was a little change of scenerie for me around that time.

Well I will update you again next week and comments are more than welcome and I will answer any questions too! Bye


  1. jewelgirl04

    It’s nice to hear from you again, Eddie! I hope that all is well with you and that everything you’ve been dealing with has worked itself out.

    I do agree that the stats in Fall League don’t matter all that much, as it is a lot of experimentation to see what works. It’s always best to do that without something, like a season or a playoff spot on the line. Is there a particular pitch that you feel you have improved upon most out of your arsenal? If so, why do you think that? I’m always fascinated by the mechanics and physics of pitching. It is truly amazing.

    It’s also excellent to hear that the rest of the team is doing well and that Murphy’s arm has healed up to the point in which he can play. That’s certainly good news for everyone.
    Up north, on the East Coast, it was unseasonably warm, as well. What’s kind of odd is that earlier in the week, possibly the week before, it snowed where I attend college in New Jersey… and it STUCK. Ahh… the whacky weather!

    Well, continued luck in the rest of your season! I’m glad to hear your are satisfied with the rate of your improvement! Keep up the good work!

    – Danielle

  2. tejdog54

    Hey Eddie,

    I was just wondering if you are, or have considered, working on a changeup, since (as far as I know), your arsenal consists of a hard fastball and a hard slider, and something offspeed would compliment your stuff.

    Also, is it true that you’ll be heading off to Puerto Rico after the conclusion of the Arizona season?



    Hi Eddie,

    Thanks for checking in, glad to hear all is going great with you guys. Can’t wait to see everyone in PSL and in Citi Field with the veterans and newcomers.


  4. nymetsgrrl94

    Hey Eddie,
    now that the offseason has started there are going to be all kinds of trade talks. I just hope you aren’t part of any trades this winter. I am looking forward to seeing you at Citi Field!

  5. kendog18

    Its nice to see that the minor league system produces guys like you to help out our bullpen big time! hope to see you at citifield in 2009. keep up the good work.


    Eddie, I go to binghamton university and have watched you pitch numerous times. Im sure you will have a good spring training and get on the major league roster. Have the Mets talked to you about your place next season?

    p.s. How is Murphy doing. Is that arm giving him problems still?

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