Welcome to the AFL!

Hi there, My name is Eddie Kunz and I am relief pitcher and its my first full year with the New York Mets. I am from Portland, Oregon and lived there all my life, born and raised. Went to Parkrose High School in Portland and went to Oregon State University for three years till I got drafted in 2007. Won 2 National Championships with Oregon State in 06, 07! After winning the second championship I went to short season in Brooklyn, NY to start of my Pro career and stayed there the rest of the summer.

Now I am down in Arizona again for my second season in the Arizona Fall League. My first year was last year I was on the Scottsdale Scorpians, that was a great experiance for me and helped me move far in the Mets organization. Now back again I am on the Peoria Saguaros for year two. Last year I learned how to control my pitches and get my slider on track! Which worked and got me to start in AA this year and 2 weeks in the Big leagues in August. This year in the Fall Ball I am working on being more consistent with all my pitches and learning that the game is not in a hurry, I am a pitcher and I control the whole game. We started our season two days ago. I pitched in the 9th in the first game, felt really good and got 2 strikeouts and only gave up 1 hit. We won the game 9 to 3. Our second game was last night and we won that one to 10 to 7. Our team is very good and we have alot of good guys from all teams, (White Sox, Cardinals, Padres, Nationals and of course the Mets). More to come later next week.


  1. murphy28

    Welcome ot MLBlogs Eddie! First off I am a huge Mets fan and was very impressed with what I saw with your brief stint in the big leagues this year.

    And you forgot to mention that you have only allowed 1 HR on the professional level. Now thats impressive.


    Tell Murph I’m a big fan!


  2. nymetsgrrl94

    Hey Eddie! I was really excited when I saw you would be doing the updates for the Mets. Good Luck in Arizona. I am looking forward to hearing more from you and maybe seeing you with the Mets this year.


  3. wrightway5

    Eddie! Let me tell you that people here in New York are very excited about your progress through the Mets’ organization. I watched you pitch in college and when I found out that you were drafted by the Mets I did a David Wright fist pump! Keep up the hard work, Eddie. By the way, I used to live in Arizona and I know how nice it usually is this time of year, so enjoy it! Look forward to seeing you at Citi Field in 2009!

  4. screamingangel

    Hey, Eddie! Hope you and Murph and the guys have fun and play well. We might be seein ya on SNY more next year!

  5. loducaftw

    Eddie I’ve been following you since you were drafted in 07, and I know you will one day be a solid MLB player.

    Just shake off your first experience in the majors that wasn’t your fault it was your managers who felt it was a better idea to throw the same crappy relief pitchers out there day after day, than let a kid who had actually experienced success this year rot in the bullpen.

    Keep working hard kid!

  6. samtpage@gmail.com

    I agree with the above comment, surely, as a groundball pitcher, you have some insight into Murph’s defense

    Good luck to you and all your team-mates, we’ll be checking on you guys!

  7. kpokala

    Hey Eddie, good luck in the AFL.

    I wondered how hard it was to get tickets? My wife and I were thinking about driving out from San Diego but didn’t know what the ticket situation would be like out there.

    Are the crowds pretty nice? Do you engage more with fans at the AFL than you would in the majors/minors?

  8. pickmeup

    Hi Eddie! I’ve been blogging about the mets here at mlblogs for over two years now, and I’m thrilled that you’ll be sharing your experiences here. I’m looking forward to seeing more of you soon, and I was disappointed the team didn’t have you up in the stretch there! I’ll be sure to announce your mlblogs arrival over at my place soon.

  9. bbunts@stny.rr.com

    Hey Eddie good luck in the AFL. It was great having you at Binghamton this season.Rickey Bones has been good for the up and coming METS pitchers over the last 2 years and I hope you were able to take something away from your stay here!! I am really hoping that the organization doesn’t push you up the ladder too quick now that it looks that Wagner will be out! All the Binghamton Met fans are hoping that you’ll start next season back here in BINGO.Where ever you start, all of us back here will be heering for you!!! Good Luck, and stay HEALTHY!!!!!!!!!

  10. jewelgirl04

    Welcome to the blogosphere, Eddie! Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to keep all of us fans updated during the the Mets’ offseason.

    I find the concept of the AFL fascinating in that the typical idea of a one-organization team is completely tossed out the window and you guys are placed on teams with players from all different organizations. It has to be very cool to experience.

    Congratulations on the good start and keep up the great work. I look forward to seeing you in Spring Training (hopefully, knock on wood) this year and wish you the best of luck in the AFL.

    Keep us posted!!!

    – Danielle

  11. lmets@snet.net

    Hey Eddie, Good Luck to you and all the other mets players in the AFL. Looking forward to Citi Field and watching the growth of our new future. Lets go Mets. Spring training can’t come soon enough for me. I look forward to all your updates. by lmets

  12. metsnation

    Hey Eddie!
    This is cool. Hope to see you in the Mets pen next year. You weren’t given enough time in the bigs. Good luck in the AFL.

  13. debus15

    Hey Eddie,
    Great job this year in AA. I saw you play August 1 in New Britain and i was by the bullpen the entire game chatting it up with you and your teammates. I write for the blog MetsProspects.blogspot.com and was wondering if I could interview you. If so please email me at debus15@yahoo.com. Thanks and keep up the good work.

  14. tweety1166@verizon.net

    Hi Eddie,

    Thanks for keeping us posted, we are rooting for you guys 110% and can’t wait until we see you on the 25 man roster.
    Just remember to have fun and learn all you can, you guys have great role models in the majors on the Mets. Please say hi to murph and bobby parnell and everyone else, love watching all of you guys, you made some impact on this team.

  15. dbyrnes414@aol.com

    Hey Eddie,
    A busy year! Eddie is as good a guy as he is a pitcher. We know your gonna be ok .Your stuff is nasty& with more time you`ll be fine . It was kinda funny seeing the pink back pack on you lol . Have fun in AZ. see you in camp . Say hello
    Don& Donna

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