First Week in the Books!

With the first week down and eight games played we are 7 and 1, rolling as a team veryy well! Now that we have some games under our belt and I see what our team can do, I feel very good with all the members of the team. We have some great hitters, besides the guys from the Mets (Murphy, Bowman, Thole) we got guys from Padres, like Huffman, Baxter, Kazmar, White Sox- Armstrong, Beckham and Gartrell, Cardinals- Wallace, Hill, Robinson, Greene, Nationals- Rhinehart and Desmond, just so many and they are all really god guys on and off the field! Pitching for us is just is good and working really well for us right now, making some big pitches in good places and holding teams to short amount of runs.

I have pitched 4 innings so far and felt really great! All my pitches are working for me and I am doing alot better with my control as well. I have closed out all 4 games and got 2 saves out of 2 tries.

Now with the question of what do I think of Murphy at 2B? I like him there he has great arm and reacts really well! I have confidence in him all the way. As do I in all my infielders and outfielders on my team, You have to have confidence in yourself and your teammates to be a good pitcher.

Living in Arizona is also an amazing thing the weather here is the best ever. 85 and blue sky and sunny all the time is amazing and love playing in it as well. On the question of getting tickets its really easy to get, not alot of people show up to games but that can change if you come! Or if you can! Another week of exciting games and more next week when I will blog again. Thanks for the comments everyone and GO METS!


  1. nymetsgrrl94

    I was wondering what happened to you since your last post! I have been following the team and it has definitely kept my spirits up after the disappointing end of the season.

    It is kind of random but I was wondering if you know anything about Mike Nickeas? He is one of my favorite players and I think you played together in AA this year.

    Good luck the rest of the fall!

  2. loducaftw

    Keep up the good work kid.. Make sure you continue to work hard, especially on that slider.

    I still have a ton of faith in you and I’m expecting big things coming as soon as 2009!

  3. sirklearhead

    Hello..Eddie…I’m MrMet on the SNY Met board. A fan since the teams conception as part of the Continental League, now that’s OLD. The fan can be tough, but play hard they’ll make NYC seem like you never left home. Continue your fine work, there is a city and a Team looking forward to your arrival. Tell Daniel for us all here, thanks his play was exceptional. We know you young men are here to bring a Championship back to New York. So please tell them for me “Welcome, to the Greatest City in the World, from it’s greatest Fans. The New York Mets Fans…….Ed

  4. loducaftw

    Eddie, how has Jason Vargas looked this season? he’s got 7.2 scoreless, but what’s his velocity around and how does his stuff look?


    hey Eddie. big fan. where do you think you will be playing next year. i hope to see u in the bullpen next year. it didnt look good in critical moments last year.

  6. gomets1010

    Hey Eddie!! We need you to be our closer next year!! Are you the closer for Peoria???

  7. murphy28

    ^To the comment above, yes he is the closer, 2-for-2 in save opportunities this season.

    7-1! Nice work out there to you and all the Mets players. Well I guess I have to give credit to the other players.

    I’ve heard much praise of Shawn Bowman this AFL season. Just a quick question, what positions has he played?

    I thought your stuff was great during the brief stint with the Mets this year. Nice to see that it’s all coming together.

    I really wish I could see you guys play on TV, I’m stuck watching gameday…….

    Great post once again Eddie!


    Edie:I am a die hard Mets Fan that has been wondering,Why did you not pitch frequently after been call up?Was it that Manuel didn’t fell comfortable with you been so young in closing situation? or Did he give you an explanation for going more than a week without been used?.I felt terrible about knowing that you were there and the other guys were failing to get the job done and he didn’t use you to build up your confidence and find out if you could do the job on a regular base,I don’t think it was fair to use you and them demoted you after such a long period of inactivity.I think the mets brass didn’t use good psychology in your case,Keep working hard on your slider and change up,because you know in the big show,no matter how good your sinker ball is,you need at least 3 good pitches to keep hitters guessing,other wise they will sit on your pitch and beat you.As for Murphy,we the mets fans in the NY post blog hope to see him playing 2b for the team next year,I am a fan that is looking to see you,Murphy,Parnell,Niese,Evans and Martinez playing in a regular basis with the Mets next year.I want young people in my team to bring Energy to it,so keep the hard work same for the others kids.if after finishing the fall league they allow you to go to Puerto Rico winter league with Evans and Murphy go and keep polishing your repertoire.We want our core on the team to be like The Red sox,Home grow talent.Lets go mets!!We will prevail!!


    IN KUNZ AND DANNY MURPH WE TRUST! Best of luck boys! Can’t wait to see our future great LF and Closer next year. You can definately win the job, man. I’ll be making my way down to Spring Training hopefully to see you guys.

  10. jewelgirl04

    Glad to hear that you’re feeling great and playing even better, Eddie. Enjoy that 85 degree weather while it lasts. Back in the NY/NJ area, we’re starting to delve into winter… and, well, football.

    It must be an excellent experience to get to know other players from other teams and their minor league systems. Do you find that getting to know any of the players in particular is helping your game?

    – Danielle

  11. sirklearhead

    Eddie….I called living in Mesa in Paradise, well at least til March 15 th, lol..After that in started to resemble somewhere else, lol and got hotter then…you know..Had a bad outing ? hey who doesn’t, Arizona is a Hitters Paradise you can’t ever forget that, and that dry air doesn’t help pitchers too much. The key is keeping ahead in the count, first pitch strike, First hitter out, it’s all about “first’s”. If you like to feel free to send me any info and I’ll see it gets posted on the Mets site at SNY. I know th fans there would love to hear from all of you. It’s been a tough two weeks for many of the faithful. Good luck to you all…..

  12. loducaftw

    Ouch, you got lit up the other day…

    By the boxscore it looks like it could of just been a couple of bloops because I think there was 6? Singles.. keep your head up, and remember this league is for you just to work on your stuff, results don’t mean ****.

  13. metsfan534

    hey Eddie. Im originally from NY but out here in Portland, Oregon now and have been living here for 10 years.

    Right now im at PSU and it’s raining pretty hard. No big surprise there it being Portland. Blazers are about to tip off their opening night out at the Rose Garden.

    Funny that Headley got you in NY back in August. That was probably some Portland connection. I saw him playing a little out at PGE this year for the Beavers.

    Anyway, thanks for these blogs and good luck with the season next year.

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